Moving Tidbit

There is more than just a pool….

With the strong influx of apartment communities, properties are upping their amenity game in order to stand out from the rest. However, it not solely about the pools and fitness centers anymore. Some communities are stepping outside the traditional box to bring their "A" game, and I am here for it! These are some of my favorites.

Luxer One Lockers

Photo Courtesy of Trianon by Windsor

Imagine that the new MacBook Pro you ordered has finally arrived at your doorstep. After work, you rush home, in excitement, only to find out that it has been stolen by your neighbor (that is still pissed about that party you threw without inviting her 🙄). Long story short, if your property had the Luxor One lockers, that wouldn’t have been a problem. This locker system will text you when you have a package, what locker number it is in and a one-time specific code to unlock the locker at your convenience. Plus, these lockers come with surveillance video, so take that Becky!!

Wine Cellar/Locker

Photo Courtesy of Preston Hollow Village Apartments

Once you get past the age of 21, and Vodka is no longer your style, wine will become your new best friend (trust me on this one). So it is pretty awesome that a lot of luxury apartments now have wine fridges in their units in order to keep your “best friends” cozy at all times.  But some properties decided to take it to the next level with a community wine cellar. Talk about #FancyFridays.

Game Room

Photo Courtesy of Elan River District Apartments

So usually a community will stick a pool table in the middle of an empty room and say, “BAM! Here goes our game room”. Billiards is cool and all, but, personally, I don’t consider that an actual game room (I know, I have high standards). My definition of an apartment game room is : “space where 3 or more gaming systems are available to provide stimulating entertainment for individuals and families alike to enjoy”. The only exception that I will make is if the community provides a deck of cards or set of dominoes or something of that nature.

Gift Wrapping Stations

Photo courtesy of Crest Manor Apartments)

The Holiday season has passed us by and honestly, your rolls of snowflake wrapping paper are not going to see the light of day until the end of November. (What is the purpose of buying that stuff again?) So during the “non-festive” times of the year, it is nice that a few apartment complexes have gift wrapping stations. That way, you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on paper that is stuck to a roll until it’s your turn to play Ultimate Santa.

Golf Simulators

Photo Courtesy of Domain at Midtown Park

I have never been to TopGolf (I know, #SadDay), but I am familiar with the pleasure of playing the game itself. So, when I found out that some properties have actual golf simulators, my mind was blown. What an innovative way to bring outdoor pleasure within the walls of your living community! I’m impressed.

So, the next time you go apartment shopping, definitely check out the amenities each property has to offer. They could possibly turn your next living situation into an experience, and who wouldn’t want that?

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