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Getting My Feet Wet: The Nash Dallas Review

BackStory: I had a friend that was moving to Dallas around the time that I was just starting to dive deeper into this “I want to be an apartment blogger/influencer/locator” business. So, The Nash was my first stop to helping her find a place to live and to start my career. Here is what I gathered from my visit:

One thing that I noticed about the location was how it was tucked away in a neighborhood, yet still in close driving distance to notable places like Dave & Buster’s, NorthPark Center and Studio Movie Grill. Which I thought was cool because that way you are never bored, but you can still come home to your peaceful oasis (because that is what your home should be).

When I came in, the leasing agent was super friendly and was very supportive of my endeavors. She proceeded to show me the clubhouse, the business center, the sparkling pool, and the 24/7 fitness center equipped with one of my favorite luxury amenity: The Wellbeats Virtual Fitness Trainer. It is exactly what the name of it suggests. You can use the TV to tune into any fitness activity you want to try and just give it all you got! (Without the fitness trainer actually screaming in your ear because that can be annoying 🙄)

Now, of course, we had to visit the actual living spaces (because that would be very weird if we didn’t). I was able to view their model one bedroom, one bath home, which was their A4 unit  (715-800 sq feet, depending on the balcony style). I love the way properties have their model units staged, so I definitely took note of all the furniture and accent pieces they used to make this unit desirable. They did not disappoint me.

I was also able to view a bigger and unfurnished unit (A6; 854 sq ft). It had all the same finishes, yet it didn’t have a “mud room” (per se) and had a much more open kitchen/living room area (with TWO pantries and a huge coat closet). It definitely gave me “Ultimate Hosting” vibes.

And let’s not forget about the puppy space outside!!

Photo courtesy of @thenashdallas on IG

It was a joy to view this property. The sleek style and the friendly staff were enough to make me want to stay here for myself. Plus, they have a lot of fun events that make this property feel more like a community and not just a place to lay your head down. Here are some quick specs of this property below, but I would suggest checking out their website (thenashdallas.com) and their IG & Facebook pages (@thenashdallas), to see what they are really about.

I am not getting any compensation for this review. All opinions are my own

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