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Festive February Decor

Just a Disclaimer: I am NOWHERE near an interior designer (yet). I just like being festive :D

One of my goals for 2019 is to have more fun with my apartment decor. I was tired of seeing all these cute seasonal decor items in stores and not buying them due to a weird fear of incompetence or fear of wasting my time. For some reason, I felt like it was uncool to decorate for the season/holiday. But I finally decided to say “F**k it,” and followed through.

So, I decided to show you just how I decorated my living room for the month of February. I went with the typical red Valentine-y theme, but I decided to add some small black and yellow elements to represent the awesomeness that is Black History Month. So here are some key areas in my living room that I decked out.

Oh! I forgot to mention, I challenged myself to only spend $50 on this specific project. So there is that :).

Couch area

I didn’t do much to this area, mainly because my wall already has a huge focus piece. All I did was add a cute little throw pillow (Target, $5), put my black floral blanket (that I have had forever) on the chaise, and created a little candle centerpiece (Walmart, $9) for my coffee table. Also, I added little hearts (12 pack for $2.50) around my family pictures to complete the look.

Bookshelf area

I am absolutely in love with this bookshelf area mainly because this was the first time in three different apartments, that I actually installed it correctly (Yay me!). So, I always make sure that this area is riding along the trend. I decided  to leave my red fall LED candles displayed but changed out my candle to a pink one (a gift from my sister). I also added a chalkboard heart (Target $3), an adorable “Kiss Me” bell (Walmart, $3), my Dior “Joy” Fragrance and little sprinkle of a yellow flowers (Dollar Tree, 5 for $1) to mix with my red rose petals.

Kitchen Bar area

I couldn’t leave my bar area hangin’. I found this sensual rose painting from Ross for $20 that I couldn’t refuse. I decided to accent the piece with two black foam hearts that I re purposed from a fragrance gift set. I sprinkled the bar itself with (more) rose petals (Sexy, AmIRight?) and centered my mom’s wine glass with (another) candle and placed a yellow and a black rose in front of the glass (Target, $3). Then we go down to my favorite thing:

#BlackGirlMagic Gallery

I found these light up close pins (Five Below, $5), and I really wanted to see how I could incorporate them. So as I was scrolling through my Instagram Feed, I decided to dedicate this area to my favorite black women of today!”. And after a little editing on Canva, and a $2 print session at CVS, I was then able to create a little area that could keep me inspired to live my best life today.

I hope you enjoyed my little February decor haul. I am hoping that as I continue, my design eye will improve, and you guys will be able to see a huge difference!

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