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Why “It’s Just Rent”?

Disclaimer: Be prepared to see a lot of parentheses. I speak/write in ad lib.

Idk what I was laughing at, but I love it!
Photo by: Jared Herzog

Hi, my name is Shaniqua and I love to shop…for apartments. No, I don’t like the actual process of moving , filling out applications, renting trucks, crunching numbers and things like that. However, I do love the experience of  going into a leasing office, and having the lovely agent show me everything they have to offer in order to make me feel at home. There are snacks (depending on the complex), sparkling pools, golf cart trips and the occasional attractive person staring at you, just hoping to land you as a future neighbor. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like the most electrifying thing to do for most (especially if you compare it to poppin’ bottles and munching on yummy brunch items), but for me, I find the experience exciting. So exciting, I sometimes embark on the adventure, just for fun.

This one time (in my Amanda Seales voice), I dragged my three closest friends to go with me to view this brand new, fancy ass, apartment that was still being built in Uptown Dallas. By gauging the elite location, the architecture, the dress code of the leasing agents (and their snobby looks when we walked in the door), I was able to realize that this spot was nowhere near my spending limit. So I came up with a fake budget of $2,000/month that I confidently told my agent that I wanted to stay under. He kindly, but reluctantly, showed us the floor plans that would fit my far-fetched “budget”. Long story short, let’s just say, I gave such a convincing performance, that even my girls thought I was seriously going to sign on the dotted line. So now, I have taken this interesting hobby of mine and combined it with my love for writing to bring you guys this blog.

Gotta be serious at least once, right?

“It’s Just Rent” will be a place where I will give you: reviews of apartments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, moving tips and tricks, neighborhood insights, affordable decor ideas and lovely rental stories from not only myself but from those around me. I am even going to throw in some personal antidotes just to give y’all some insight about what I am all about (and what I am trying to become). So there is a little sprinkle of everything. But, before we move onto the fun stuff, there is something I must disclose:

Believe me when I say, I do believe in home ownership. Shit, I want a house of my own one day. But I also believe that in the process of finding your home or even making money off of your current house, you should be able to lease an apartment and call it your home. I don’t think anyone who finds enjoyment in living in a rental should have to feel ashamed because they are not “ready” or simply do not want to deal with the commitment that comes with owning a home. To each their own. So, to all you “woke” folks who like to look down on the aforementioned group, y’all can just calm down, because it is literally just rent. (See what I did there 😬).

I Hope You Enjoy!

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