Moving Tidbit

Take that Apes!

It’s 2018, and it seems like the internet is here to stay (deja vu), but you don’t have to solely rely on it in order to find your next dream community. Let’s just say…...a pack of apes were fed up with humans posting their sexual encounters on Youtube. So in order to level the playing field, they destroy ALL of our cell towers leaving us with no internet. But we still need to find a place to live, so where do we go from here? Don't worry, I have 3 tips that will help you out when the internet is nowhere to be found.
Ask Around

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

I’m pretty sure you have some friends, coworkers or family friends that live in great communities, or at least heard about some. Make sure you ask your peers about important property information such as: management responsiveness, maintenance competency, hidden fees, parking, curfews, neighbors, package handling, WiFi speed (for when the apes are done messing around) and even cell phone service! You know, things that are going to matter besides just a fancy dishwasher.  Even if you don’t like where your friend currently stays, ask them about other places that they have heard about and/or toured during their apartment pursuit. Don’t be afraid to use them as your apartment hunting allies.

Good ole fashioned newspapers and bulletin ads

Photo by from Pexels

According to an article called, “The Digital Evolution of Apartment Hunting”, there is a quote that says “…for many people, the idea of checking the newspaper for an apartment listing would be as foreign as writing a letter on a typewriter and then using a fax machine to send it.”  I agree with this statement 110%, but dealing with the certain circumstance I laid out in the introduction, we really have no choice, do we? Newspaper classifieds are a great way for you to find a place if you are trying to live somewhere locally and/or trying to live with a roommate. Just make sure you don’t fall into any scams when trying to conduct business from a phone number on a random bulletin ad. 

Drive or Walk Around

Once you have an idea of what neighborhoods you want to live in, hit the ground running. Take a walk around the neighborhood, and if you see a place that peaks your interest, just stop on by! Meet with the landlord or property management, ask all the much needed questions and take a tour of the place. I truly like this approach because when you are driving or walking  around the area, your body will let you know whether or not it is right for you. If you don’t receive that feeling of comfort, safety and belonging while touring the neighborhood and complex, then you are not meant to be there, and you should just move on. However, if you feel like you would be missing out on life if you didn’t live there, then you have found the jackpot. Granted, I would still visit the area frequently. If you consistently feel the same way during different times of the day (BARS!), then, Congratulations! 😀

See! We don’t need the pesky internet to find our new home (Take that apes!). We just need to think outside of the box when it comes to how we research. So let’s put down the cell phones and get out there.

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